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Hey everyone! Hope you are enjoying the summer! It finally feels like it here in Big D…UGH! I have been traveling a little, and have been a bit slack on my blogging. It’s hard to keep up when you are visiting friends!

Recently I got together with my darling blogger friends for our monthly “Chic at Every Age”(we are lined up left to right by age). This month, we are working a black jumpsuit. I know I’ve worn one before, but this is a new “summery” one by Vince. The jumpsuit is quickly becoming a fashion staple shown by most designers. They can be worn dressed up (cocktail or black tie) or dressed down (like the way I am wearing it). The one I have on is very simple with a tank style top. I actually copied a look from a friend who works at  the Vince office in NYC , and added the denim vest (“Bitch Stole My Look”), is what Kat is saying if she is reading this!)

I love how Ashley of SideSmile Style chose to wear a patterned jumpsuit. Let’s face it, when you are in your 20′s, you can wear just about anything! Sam of Style of Sam, is our 30′s girl. She looks so polished and chic with a gorgeous jacket thrown over hers, and those bright pink shoes! This would be so appropriate for the office, lunch or dinner. Heather of Style by Fluent, our 40′s girl, is just plain sexy in her cocktail version of the black jumpsuit. See, you can wear them everywhere!

The jumpsuit is ideal for traveling. Throw a sweater, jacket, or top over it, and it changes the whole look. They make an outfit in one, which makes for super easy dressing! If you don’t have one in your closet, I recommend trying one. You might just like an adult onesie!!!

Have a great day!


 Jumpsuit//VINCE, Denim Vest//TWO by VINCE CAMUTO, Shoes//PEDRO GARCIA, Bag//HELMUT LANG, Necklace and Ring//RARE GEMS OF INDIA



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I wanted to tell you about a great service that I have found…The Blue Jeans Bar Express. Once a month, they send a box to your home with up to four outfits put together. This of course, is after you answer a questionnaire on what your likes and dislikes are. The box comes with a pre-paid label to send back what you don’t keep. You are only charged for the items you decide on.

It was so much fun opening the box and going through its contents. There were jeans, silk tops, jackets, scarves, and sunglasses. They were pretty spot on with what they sent me according to my likes. The only problem, was that I wanted to keep it all! If you are one that hates to shop, this is a fantastic service that you should try!

Top// RORY BECA , Jacket// ASTARS ( white leather), Jeans// PAIGE, Bag// FENDI, Shoes// FERRAGAMO, Necklace//GRESHAM



HELLO??????? Did you see the invitation above? Ylang 23 is having a First Ever In- Store Sample Sale today and tomorrow! I would call that BIG news!!! I am so excited to go and see what treasures are awaiting. Ylang 23 was established in 1985, and has built a reputation for supporting designers who shape worldwide trends. Some of the designers you can find at Ylang 23 are Cathy Waterman, Irene Neuwirth, Jennifer Meyer, Ten Thousand Things, Jamie Joseph, and many others.

So you don’t live in Dallas? You can peruse and shop their website HERE. And, if you are feeling left out on the sample sale, check out their on-line sale HERE. I found a couple of pieces on sale below, that I think are amazing. It’s not too early to be thinking about the holidays, and making purchases now. It will save a lot of stress!!!




As the temperature gets hotter and hotter here in Dallas, my mind has been on REBECCA TAYLOR’S  Pre-fall 2014 line. The shades of blue and floral patterns she has used are beautiful! All of the pieces have a lady like feel without being the least bit stuffy. I am craving every single piece above. Both pairs of trousers are gorgeous, and the pleating on the dress and skirt is dreamy!

I know, you wouldn’t wear most of these pieces until early fall, but the way she has mixed the white lace tops with the heavier fabric makes me want to wear them now! I love the lace top with the skirt, and can’t you see it mixed with a chunky sweater and boots when the weather starts to get chilly? Crazy to be thinking about fall clothes now, but they are starting to arrive in the stores, and that’s the way fashion rolls…on to the next season!!!

Photo credit: Rebecca Taylor

Shop Rebecca Taylor below: