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Leather Jacket, SCOOP // Dress, FOREVER 21 // Bag, Balenciaga, ENVIABLY COOLER NEW ONE HERE // Leopard Flats, ELLEN TRACY // Headband, DEEPA GURNANI

So I missed a post last Thursday. However, if you want an apology for it, I’m sorry I’m not sorry. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not going to make any promises I can’t keep. Right now, this free spirit can’t commit to perfect timing. I realize this is going to rub those who enjoy following a schedule the wrong way, but I’m not a planner. To be honest, I have no real excuse. I don’t remember what in the world I was doing, but I do know I wasn’t blogging. Chances are likely I was worrying about Ebola or ISIL. Maybe I was looking into buying stock in HAZMAT.

Since I’m feeling particularly candid, I will tell the three of you who are actually taking the time to read my nonsense the truth (thanks for taking the time to read my nonsense, by the way). I care less about the clothes than I do about the writing. Side note: This leather jacket is so well priced you would think it’s from a lesser retailer than Scoop… Back to my point: I am not learning how to blog to talk about my style. I don’t really have a style. If I have the time and the wherewithal to make myself look presentable, I dress according to an era I’ve obsessed over or a character who’s wardrobe I loved in a movie or even the way a song made me feel. There’s no rhyme or reason to my wardrobe. I like to play dress up but I’m terribly lazy.

The real reason I’ve agreed to blog about fashion is because I fantasize that someone will scroll over the photos to read my text and connect with my words. I day dream that someone will say “gosh golly, she may be a narcissist, but that Cathy’s daughter really does know how to tickle the keyboard.” Realistically this probably won’t happen, because I’m unorganized. Also because, well, who is actually reading anymore? Nowadays, imagery is more powerful than a five paragraph essay.

In any case, true to my theme-driven form, I’ve put on my schoolgirl dress (which is on sale for nothing and even less if you use the code “save20″. You’re welcome.) and I’m ready to be educated on the world of blogging. I swear on my metallic Balenciaga bag that I’m going to buckle down into this role I’ve accepted on my mother’s beautiful blog, and I’m going to study how to do this right.

Just kidding. I’d rather run with the bulls wearing nothing but these leopard flats than swear on Balenciaga. I know I say I’m not that into fashion, but that’s the holy grail of handbags. That’s blasphemy.

See you when I see you,

Alex (Boo)/@theBoohemian

Photos by Mary Summers


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Good Morning Everyone! I hope you won’t read this and think… blah, blah, blah, she writes about this all of the time, but Breast Cancer Awareness month is important to me! Especially getting the word out about Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I was in the country side in Tuscany on Saturday, and met a woman who is a 23 year survivor of TNBC. She told me that when she was diagnosed, there wasn’t even the name Triple Negative. Still, 24 years later, there is still not much known about this type of breast cancer.

If you have read my blog on a regular basis, you know that TNBC is a very aggressive breast cancer. When people ask me what kind I have, and I answer, the reaction is always the same. Either they have never heard of it, or they  look at me with a sad face and say,”oh, the bad kind”. Well, no shit Sherlock! They all are bad in my opinion, but we, who are dealt, “the bad kind” need some answers!

That’s where Breast Cancer Awareness month comes in. For me, the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation is now my passion. I am on the older side of being diagnosed with this nasty disease, because so many women in their 20’s and 30’s are being diagnosed every day. Many of these young women are pregnant having to go through the trauma of breast cancer. Please do me a favor…if you don’t check yourself, please start doing so! It doesn’t matter if you are in your early 20’s, just do it. Go to the doctor if anything seems amiss. It’s all about knowledge and having the power to do something about it!

So, what does” Chic at Every Age ” have to do with Triple Negative Breast Cancer? Well, if you don’t know, the rainwear line above called SHE REIGNS, is the creation of moi. I put it on the back burner when I was diagnosed last year. I am relaunching by giving 25% of the sale proceeds of the coats to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. Also, we have reduced the price of the coats by 25% for the month of October. The coats are made of a light weight microfiber right here in the USA. All four styles have a large hood and pockets, and come in several different colors per style.  If you need a really cute and stylish raincoat, please consider purchasing one for TNBC.

Thanks to my very stylish blogger friends for participating in this too! The three amazing bloggers have donated a blog post about this as well! Please check out these special girls blogs too! Ashley of SIDESMILE STYLE (20’s), Sam of STYLE OF SAM (30’s) and Heather of STYLE BY FLUENT (40’s). The are the!!!!

Thank you for reading!